Five Songs to Pump Up Your Workout {Five on Friday}

Good morning!!!  Let’s talk music on this beautiful Friday.  Linking up this morning with Courtney from EatPrayRunDC, Cynthia at YouSignedupforWhat and Mar at MarOnTheRun for Five on Friday.  Come and join us!

I love choosing new music for my playlist, and I love Amazon Prime because I can download music for free onto my playlist on my phone.  This gives me so many options for music I can run to!

Right now these 5 are my favorites:

Warriors by Imagine Dragons.  This song is very motivating to me, and I like to think they are saying we’re the ones who RAN this town rather than built haha!  My son introduced me to this song because he’s a gamer and his game is League of Legends.

Don’t by Ed Sheeran.  Ok, I don’t really agree with the whole idea of this song (let’s just hang out, and have sex and drink and have no commitment to each other at all) but the song is good as the beat is perfect for me.

Run Boy Run by Woodkid (from the Divergent Soundtrack) I know I’ve put this on my blog before when I posted about my favorite running songs, but this one IS, and ALWAYS will be on my running playlist.  I just absolutely love it.  It’s so motivating and I always think of Tris overcoming adversity and pushing her body to do more.  That’s how I look at Running.  I always try to push my body to do more.

The Devil Went Down to Georgia by The Charlie Daniels Band.   I don’t know why. I just love this song and I love when it shows up while I’m running!

Boom Clap by Chali XCX from the Fault in Our Stars Soundtrack.   Love this song.  So sweet.  I loved the sweet innocence of first love in this film, but also the sadness of cancer.  If you haven’t seen this movie you need to.

So I hope you found some new ideas for your playlist.  My son has started lifting and has his own heavy metal playlist now that he listens to with his friend while they lift.  I haven’t listened to heavy metal in so many years (remember Metallica and Guns & Roses, yeah, that’s how long) and he tried to get me to listen and I just was turned off.  Not running music in my opinion.  I can see it for lifting though!

What are some of your favorite tunes to work out to?

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