TotR: I Won’t Run Without…

Good Morning!  It seems I need these linkups to keep me posting on the blog.  I should blog about our recent mini-vacation too.  We drove to Des Moines this past weekend and went to Adventureland and I ran a 5k…but that’s another post.   This morning I’m linking up with April from Running All The Miles  from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs for Tuesdays on the Run.   Sorry I have been MIA so much.  I keep meaning to post, and then I just get busy with life.  We’re in the midst of our homeschooling year, so things are crazy!

Today’s topic is I Won’t Run Without…

 can think of a handful of things I never want to be without when I run.   It’s not a cheap thing, this running.  My husband thought it would be when I cancelled my pricey gym membership and started running.  Well, he was wrong!

  1. My Garmin GPS watch.  I need to know how far I’ve gone and when I can turn around and head home!  Right now I am saving up for the Forerunner 220.  I have the Forerunner 10 right now.  While I love it, the battery life isn’t going to sustain a marathon if I do decide to do one in the future.  (yes, you heard right.  I am considering a marathon in the future)
  2. My RoadID.  If something were to happen to me, I want the paramedics to know who I am, and who to contact.  I have my hubby’s number and my best friend’s number on that thing.
  3. My phone.  For 2 reasons: music and safety.  I want to be able to call anyone should I encounter an issue.  This has helped, I have had to cut a run short and had hubby come get me.
  4. My Brooks running shoes.  You need REALLY good shoes to run.  I do know barefoot runners though, but I could never do that.  Especially not in these brutal winters we have in Iowa.
  5. Sports bra.  So important!
  6. Running socks.  I have 3 pairs of nice running socks from Brooks Running.  I love them.  After running my first race longer than a 10K last summer in cotton socks and getting my first black toenail, I purchased my first pair of socks and I haven’t looked back!
  7. Winter running gear.  I know it’s not winter all year, but in Iowa it gets nasty here, so I need really good clothing to keep me warm and safe.  I have a new pair of winter running tights hubby bought me that I am anxious to wear.
  8. Flipbelt.  What did I do before I had this lovely?  I have no idea.  It’s so wonderful and I cannot imagine running without it!
  9. Garmin Vivofit.  I wear this all day, so it is only fitting that I wear it when I run, especially since that’s when I rack up all my steps!
  10. Yurbuds.  I love my Yurbuds.  They are the only earbuds I have found that stay in my ears when I’m running.  I was fortunate enough to get some on clearance at Dicks Sporting goods for $10 a pair.  I am kicking myself for only buying 2 pairs though.

So there you have it.  The main items I cannot leave the house without when I run.  I could have also added gum to that list.  I always chew gum when I run.  What would be on your list?

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